Wrangell Marine Service Center 
30-Year Cost-Benefit Analysis

The purpose of this technical memo is to assist the City and Borough of Wrangell in understanding the long-term costs and revenues associated with the Marine Service Center.

The Rain Coast Data team developed a Marine Service Center 30-year cost analysis which analyzes the long-term costs of the Wrangell shipyard including maintenance costs, life of infrastructure assessments, replacement costs, operating costs, and income analysis. This includes return-on-investment projections, long-term City and Borough of Wrangell staffing costs, and revenue projections based on user fees and lease rates. The analysis also includes summaries of 5- and 15-year ROI assessments.

Accompanying this document is a dynamic excel-based tool. Because the Marine Service Center includes many differing variables, choices, and lease elements, the tool allows these variables to be changed so that the City and Borough of Wrangell can see how future costs change based on differing input selections.

This study also includes a competitive pricing analysis. Executive interviews were conducted with representatives from shipyards in nine Alaska and Washington communities were conducted to understand comparative cost structures for various services such as boat storage, haul out fees, lease costs by square foot, and other services as directed by Wrangell Ports and Harbors.