The Valdez Existing Conditions Report provides a foundation for upcoming efforts and provides background data and information to support the development of the Valdez Comprehensive Plan. The Existing Conditions Report reviews the demographics of Valdez and provide and in-depth inventory of the City’s existing land use, zoning, city guidelines, housing, infrastructure, economic development, and environmental practices. The report lays the ground work to identify potential growth areas, economic opportunities, and challenges. These resources will support community discussion and will direct the planning team in developing the Plan.

A Comprehensive Plan is a guiding document that will help to shape Valdez over the next 20 years. It offers a foundation for determining effective public policy, master planning, and land use decisions now and into the future. The revised plan will include an overall vision that is broken down into goals, objectives, and implementation strategies, creating an ongoing framework for informed, directed development and decision making.

The City of Valdez has contracted Corvus Design, partnering with Kittelson & Associates, Rain Coast Data, Salt, PND Engineers, ECI, Gordon Smith, and Corvus Culture, to develop the Valdez Comprehensive Development Plan Revision.