In order to develop a comprehensive and coordinated Community Development Action Plan to address prioritized community needs, the Klawock Cooperative Association (KCA) collected community-specific data. The Klawock Cooperative Association contracted with SALT to conduct a tribal community needs assessment in Klawock. Rain Coast Data designed the Klawock Community survey on behalf of SALT with input from Klawock Cooperative Association. The web-based survey was administered electronically from May 1st through May 30th 2019. The survey asked Klawock residents to respond to 18 questions about their community preferences and priorities.
The Klawock Community Assessment Survey Results report includes the following information:
1) The survey findings from the tribal community needs assessment
2) The findings from the Feb 20th, 2019 public meeting
3) The Klawock Tribal Housing Survey Analysis4) A summary of the 2006 community survey (for comparison and continuity)
5) The Klawock Economic Snapshot powerpoint