Haines by the Numbers

Agnew Beck Consulting contracted with Rain Coast Data to conduct a Haines economic overview as part of the Haines Borough Comprehensive Plan Revision planning process. While the original document was developed in June 2023, additional updates were added in early 2024.

The Haines economy is unique in that it has eight similarly-sized economic drivers (Health and social services 14%; tourism 13%; construction 13%; retail (and wholesale) trade 11%; seafood 10%; business and professional services 9%; and mining 7% when looking at percent of total workforce earnings). Because Haines has such a balanced and diversified economy, it is resilient and more able to withstand economic shocks. However, Haines has lost population over the past two years. The losses were due to negative net migration (more people moving out than moving in), and negative natural increase (more people dying than being born). Over the past two decades, the overall average age in Haines shifted from 40.6 to 48.8. Haines is clearly attractive to older residents, but will need to work to be more attractive to younger families to regain its population losses.